Providing Hope...


increasing the capacity of communities to respond to mental illnesses and addictions.


Partner Community:

The Christian Faith Community     



Increasing support for individuals with mental illnesses or addictions


We Rise International is partnering with faith communities across the Eastern U.S. who seek to understand mental illnesses and addictions better and learn hands-on ways to assist and support those in their churches and communities who are living with mental illnesses or addictions.


Partner Community: 

Mental Health Professionals



Increasing cultural competence in mental illness and addictions treatment


In the U.S. many communities lack sufficient numbers of mental health and addictions treatment providers who are prepared to meet the needs of Latino and other minority ethnic groups in culturally competent ways. For individuals from these groups the waiting lists to obtain a counseling appointment with a qualified therapist can be long. We Rise International partners with mental health professional groups and universities to provide cultural competency training and clinical training to increase the number of mental health and addictions providers prepared to meet this need.